so after doing an architecture identification assignment on north campus, here are the best buildings:

Moore College, Fine Arts, and the North Campus Administrative Building

the third one is my favorite but has an awful name. it used to be the campus library and has the names of great authors engraved on the cornice (band of black near the roof). It was also the first location for the Georgia Museum of Art which is now on east campus. I’m a bit conflicted because its style is Beaux Art, which I thought I was super in to, but so is Candler Hall and I think that is tacky and fugly so idk I think Beaux Art needs a firm hand.

Moore college has a badass mansard roof and dormer windows (windows on the roof area) and is generally lovely to look at.

The fine arts building is also Beaux Art and leans a little to the ridiculous side but I love it so whatever. 

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